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General Cost:


chef-servicesDinner Parties – $45 per person plus cost of food. Includes three courses (appetizer or salad with protein, entree, and dessert) flat rate of $350 plus cost of food for groups smaller than 8 guests.


Appetizer Parties – $30 per person plus cost off food. Prices will vary upon parties that exceed 10 guests.



Lunch & Brunches – $35 per person plus cost of food. Groups smaller than 8 guests will be a flat rate of $350 plus cost.


Chef All day – $100 per person plus cost of food includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner service as desired.


Waiters – $150 for dinners and $100 for lunches & brunches. $225 for full day. They assist the chef throughout the day as well as serving the dinner, waiters will be needed for parties of 8 or larger.


Bar Tenders – $200 for Dinners and $100 for Lunches & Brunches. $275 for full day.

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